MTB Challenge Mallorca 360


Mallorca has an idyllic atmosphere and perfect weather conditions for any sport, but for several years the island has become one of the destinations among cyclists and lovers of the two wheels, especially for road bikers.


We propose on this mountain bike route something more than just mountain bike, our knowledge of Mallorca, being local guides, gives us the opportunity to show the island through tracks and trails biking through private proprieties that only we have the privilege to show


Why us

We will try to unveil our island how really is it, in a different way, that for others companies would be practically impossible, stopping to eat in typical places or through our picnics with local and fresh products from mom cooking, making pauses in historical places, and giving explanations.

All our products are made to measure for our Guest with the possibility to change and adapt to the expectative of all riders



Julio Alou - Professional Mountain Bike Guide

Julio Alou Roig

Manager and technical coordinator of Karakorum Adventure


Balance with nature

We try to do our best to protect the nature and reduce the waist to zero in out trips.  

Our philosophy

SWe know your time and money are valuable and that is why we want to reward you for your confidence in us. With our company you will find qualified and professional guides.

The bikes

The bikes used and provide for this trip are fullys all mountain with the best components and hardware not older than 2-3 years.




A general idea of the ride

We have planned the stages always looking for the most virgin areas, the best trails for MTB, unpaved and, in the most logical way, to make this trip to the island, in accordance with the current regulation of natural parks. Anyway, there are some parts of the trail, especially to connect these beautiful sections, that we must go through some secondary road, but keeping these sections below 20% of the total. We are very proud to present this program, which has been the result of hard and long research work across the island, which, and without a doubt, satisfies so many cyclists who trust us.


Stages MTB Challenge Mallorca



  •  Total stages: 7, but they can be added or removed as the client wishes
  •  Total distance: 364 Km.
  •  Total ascends: 8.000 mtr.
  •  Total descends: 7.876 mtr.
  •  Highest point: 824 mtr.


Stage 1. Ses Salines - Cas Concos

Cap Salines along the wild southern coast of Mallorca


Etages MTB Challenge Mallorca

Start of the program with a flat stage but requires great and good skills-technique on the bike due the rocky paths and trails full of lose stones and rough steps modelled by the sea and the waves.

The strongest point in this stage is the sea view that accompany us practically all the way and the unspoiled coves that we are finding along the route. Perfect start for a great week and to check the level of participants

Ses salines -  Cas concos with Mountain Bike - Cap salines  along the wild south coast of Mallorca

Estimated time: 6h 32 m Distance: 62,75 Km. Total ascends: 753 mtr. Total descends: 682 mtr. AHighest point: 185 mtr.



EStage 2. Sant Salvador de Felanitx

From Cas Concos to Son Macià trough the mountain of Stant Salvador de Felanitx


Stages MTB Challenge Mallorca

Hard stage with an accumulated ascent over the 1,000 meters on tricky trails, we’ll ascend to the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador de Felanitx with a height of 510 m above sea level.

Then we are expecting a dizzy and technical descent to reach the sea and enjoy one of the virgin coves of Mallorca such as Cala Magraner. After a marvellous pause we climb back up the prisoner’s path, built by Republican prisoners during the Spanish Civil War.

From Cas Concos to Son Macià with Mountain Bike trough Santuario de Sant Salvador

Estimated time: 5h 30 m Distance: 51,88 Km. Total ascends: 1.328 mtr. Total descends: 1.340 mtr. Highest point: 510 mtr.



Stage 3. Monasterio de Bonany

From Son Maciá to Artá through the core and flat area of the island.


Stages MTB Challenge Mallorca

This Stage has lower slopes than the previous, but longer in distance. We cross the unknown centre of the island on practically deserted trails, backroads, paths and tracks where we don’t gone find practically anybody.

If we still have strength we can go up to the hermitage of Bonany in Petra, birth place of fry Junipero Serra, missionary founder of many missions in the west coast of USA, especially in California. We’ll see wonderful views of the bay of Alcudia and the peninsula of Llevant, our destination.

From Son Maciá to Artá trough Pla de Llevant with  Mountain Bike

Estimated time: 5h 30 m Distance: 71,58 Km. Total ascends: 1.000 mtr. Total descends: 1.036 mtr. Highgest pointa: 318 mtr.



Stage 4. Parc natural de Llevant

Ride around the natural park of LLevant


Stages MTB Challenge Mallorca

One of the most protected and unspoiled areas of the island that deserves great attention by the lovers of the MTB.

That's why we decided to spend one more day in Artá and enjoy the wonderful landscapes that this corner of the island offers to us with his lovely beaches without hotels and fewer tourists. On this day we enjoy again a wonderful sea view and great ascend.

Vuelta circular por el parque natural de Llevant en Mountain Bike

Estimated time: 5h 00 m Distance: 50,58 Km. Total ascends: 1.057 mtr. Total descends: 1.057 mtr. Highgest point: 432 mtr.



Stage 5. from Artá to Pollensa

Northern island and Alcúdia bay.


Stages MTB Challenge Mallorca

EWe start from Arta to ride along the north east coast of the island. The first part of the excursion has amazing views from the Alcudia bay and the Tramuntana Range trough spectacular, though and technical MTB paths, in private proprieties that sure we don't see anybody.

After a wonderful and long descends we go on the coast line all the time until Alcúdia and the nature park of s’Albufera, one of the most important bird’s refuge way to Africa, we ride on dust and soft sand paths, a new experience for most of the mountain bikers.

From Artá to Pollensa with Mountain Bike

Estimated time: 6h 30 m Distance: 58,31 Km. Total ascends: 688 mtr. Total escends: 773 mtr. Highgest point: 387 mtr.



Stage 6. From Pollesa to Mancor de sa Vall

Tramuntana mountain range, from Pollença to Mancor de sa vall, through the Monastery of Lluc


Stages MTB Challenge Mallorca

This stage is one of the first stages in the Tramuntana Mountains; it’s one of the most unevenness in the program and takes place in the northern part of the Sierra de Tramuntana, being a classic stage of mountain biking in Mallorca for the landscapes and trails.

First we do the long, long climb until es coll de sa linia for afterwards enjoy the long, long descends to Mancor de sa Vall on a technical trail, not for his narrowest otherwise the constant lose stones that we find on the way. The highlights of the stage are the monastery of Lluc and the amazing descends.

De Pollesa a Mancor de sa Vall en Mountain Bike

Estimated time: 5h 30 m Distance: 33,25 Km. Total ascends: 1.090 mtr. Total descends: 924 mtr. Highest point: 824 mtr.



Stage 7. Alaró -Santa Maria del Camí

Tramuntana mountain range, from Alaró to Santa Maria del camí through the village of Orient.


Stages MTB Challenge Mallorca

Last stage of our trip and spectacular tour with three mountain passes. This final stage is possibly one of the hardest one in the program, due in part, to the accumulated tiredness of the past days and the though slopes with a high % of steepness, that we climb on this day.

Our tour ends in a wonderful private propriety, es Cabàs, where we can enjoy a wonderful end for this amazing and awesome MTB days. This is a technical stage but an amazing tour with a long and great descend, perfect to enjoy the last km.

from Alaró to Santa Maria del camí through the village of Orient with Mountain Bike

Estinated time: 6h 30 m Distance: 45,65 Km. Total ascends: 1.514 mtr. total descends: 1.548 mtr. Highest point:: 671 mtr.




Accommodation during the MTB Challenge 360 Guided mountain bike route in Mallorca


Lovely evironment for your rest

Here you can see some of the hotels that we use in the island across the program.

Can Moragues

Can Moragues is an old stately house from the 18th century, located in the centre of Artá. It was restored in 1999 to become a hotel. With 8 rooms is a quiet hotel in a historical village as Artá. 

Sa Vall

In the core of the island Sa Vall is a 16th century country house, completely restored respecting traditional architecture, providing all the comforts. It has three apartments for two people, an apartment for four and two double rooms. 

Es Cabás

Maybe the highlight of this tour. This ancient property of Arabic origin is located just 15 min from Palma and its owners have preserved the architectural elements beautifully though the centuries. Parts of the farm such as the arches and the canal in the oldest part of the manor are listed features. 


Traditional Majorcan style and clean contemporary lines combine marvellously. For a one-of-a-kind holiday experience. With only 12 double rooms, there is always a wonderful silence and tranquillity at the hotel which will make you feel at home immediately.   



Stuff during the program

Here you can see what is provided from the company, when you contract our package of services and trips.


  • Official mountain guides
  • Wide knowledge of Mallorca
  • Many years of experience
  • Devotion to our work
  • Local guides with languages

Bike rental

  • High quality mountain bikes
  • Full suspension
  • Good hardware and components
  • First brands (giant, trek)
  • 2-3 years old


  • Home-made lunches
  • Productos frescos y locales 
  • Local and fresh products supervision from our home expert “la mama” who gives that personal touch with love
  • Zero waste


  • Support car during all ride
  • Chance to refuel bottles 
  • Food and snacks
  • Tools available in the car 
  • Videos and photos 


  • Hotels with charm
  • Away from touristic areas
  • In small towns
  • And lovely environment 
  • Friendly staff


  • All transfers and transport to the Airport.
  • Stages, hotels, suitcase logistic, pickups, is organised by us and included in the price.. 


  • All our guest are covered with an accident and civil liability insurance from the moment they contract one of our trips.
  • All kind of necessary licenses and permits for the activity. 





General information  

This terms and conditions are accepted by the guest when they contract our services. That doesn’t exempt Karakorum Adventure from his public liability. 


1. Program bookings are closed one month before the start of the program with a 50% prepayment and the rest the week prior to the start of the program.
2. There will be no full or partial reimbursement of the money if not all the trips are made due to the wish of the client or as a result of circumstances beyond our control, or in the case of cancellation in the last two weeks before the programme is due to take place or at the last minute. 


3. In the event of adverse weather conditions, inability of the participants or in the interests of group safety, the guides may make changes to the route. Karakorum Adventure reserves the right to change or modify the itinerary for a given activity or to cancel it if group safety makes this necessary.
4. This program has developed for a good and experimented mountain bikers it musts have a really good level of physical fitness and experience in riding a MTB, especially for this program.

Bike use

5. The bicycles provided or rented to the clients will always be mountain or cross bikes with gears, and fully suspension. The client must have some prior experience in the function of gear changes. 
6. The bicycles themselves are not insured. In the event of incorrect use or if something breaks as a result of bad handling, the client will have to pay the cost of the spare parts. This does not apply in the event of breakdowns due to normal wear and tear or to punctures, which can always occur as a result of the terrain and continuous use of the bicycles.   


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